Custom Valve Test Bench are custom designed and manufactured to test Valves according to customer’s requirement. We offer our services to work alongside our customers to solve the valve testing requirements they have to adhere to in their industry with the latest product design and systems

CONFORMED WITH STANDARD OF TESTS: API 598; DIN EN 12266; ISO 5208; ASME B 16.5; ASTME 1003-05; GOST 5762-2002; GOST 9544-2005.

Custom Valve Testing including: High pressure testing, Low pressure testing,back seat testing,stem gland testing,Seat leakage testing, Total performance testing

Connection: Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Welded, Wafer Ended,Special Ended.

Test objects: Safety Pressure relief Valve, Control Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve,Globe Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Compact Forged Steel Valve, Plug Valve, Knife Gate Valve,etc

Test Media: water / air / nitrogen

Optional Items: Computer Registrations System, Safety Closure

Custom Test Bench Feature:

  • Safety Operation
  • Long lifetime
  • Economic Budget
  • Clear and uncomplicated operation
  • High Pressure