Vertical type hydraulic valve test bench both has impaction cylinder on upside and claws in bottom side. So it can test for none-flange valve and flange valve.

Performance and Feature:

1. It is suitable to test for small size kinds of valve. Max.DN=300mm.

2. For smaller than DN100mm, one control system can control 1-6 test station.(On customer request)

3. Test medium is water or air (6-8 bar gas source supplied by end-user)

4. Test medium water can be recycling use for testing.

5. Equipped low pressure water pump, high pressure water booster and pressure timer.

6. Equipped automatic oil pressure discharge system, when being ready hold pressure, system discharge automatically, when working system return to normal status to effectively reduce oil temperature, elongate life of test bench and save energy.

7. Hydraulic clamping has safety inter lock with water pressure discharge.

Standard Configuration:

1. Test Bench as request.

2. O ring seal blind cover range of test valve DN.

3. Nylon seal blind cover range of test valve DN.

4. MAXIMATOR Air Driven Water Booster Optional (Pressure can up to 400bar, 680bar)

Optional Items:

1. Touch Screen Monitoring System &amp Printer

2. Safety Door

3. Air Cooler Fan