Control Valve Test Bench for testing of Control Valves.

CONFORMED WITH STANDARD OF TESTS: API 598; DIN EN 12266; ISO 5208; ASME B 16.5; ASTME 1003-05; GOST 5762-2002; GOST 9544-2005.

Control Valve Testing including: High pressure testing, Seat leakage testing, Total performance testing

Connection: Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Welded, Special Ended.

Test objects: Control Valve

Test Media: water / air / nitrogen

Optional Items: Computer Registrations System, Safety Closure

Control Test Bench Feature:

  • Standard equipped with a variety of test systems for the common Control valve test procedure and testing / operating its controls.
  • Completed with strong clamping system for quick and easy positioning and clamping Control valves in horizontal position
  • Completed with sealing adapters for DIN/ANSI RF flanges, but is also prepared for the use of 'inner seal' adapters for Control valves with But- / Socket weld ends