Fugitive emission Test-Helium leak detection system

Abbreviated as FE TEST, mainly to identify leakage in critical components using helium as the primary trace gas with a helium mass spectrometer measuring any leakages.

The intend of Fugitive emision test is evaluation of extrernal leakage of isolating and control valveā€™s stem/shaft and body intended for application with various air pollutants and hazardous fluids as per ISO 15848-2 and MESC SPE 77/312.

Why use Helium in Fugitive Emissions Testing?

  • It provides the most sensitive and up-to-date method of testing
  • Helium is a safe and inert gas
  • Helium is a very searching gas and therefore readily penetrates minute leaks
  • A proven technology that simulates live conditions
  • No contamination of the atmosphere due to helium being non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-destructive

Typical Components for Fugitive Emissions Testing: Valves (including ball, gate, globe, check, choke, butterfly, relief), Valve Bodies, Flanges and Process Instrumentation.