Butterfly Valve Test Bench for pneumatic and hydraulic tests of Butterfly Valves with hydraulic clamping and panel mounted test gauges. All water-wetted parts are corrosion-proof.

CONFORMED WITH STANDARD OF TESTS: API 598; DIN EN 12266; ISO 5208; ASME B 16.5; ASTME 1003-05; GOST 5762-2002; GOST 9544-2005.

Butterfly Valve Testing including: Strength test of valve shell/valve body, trim leakage test, Leakage test of spindle gland, Leakage test of disc and seat interface sealing

Connection: Flanged, Wafer Ends,Special Ended.

Test objects: Butterfly Valve

Test Media: water / air / nitrogen

Optional Items: Computer Registrations System, Safety Closure

Butterfly Test Bench Feature:

  • The claws are simultaneously moved and clamped test valve.
  • Test medium water can be recycling use for testing.
  • Hydraulic clamping has safety interlock with water pressure discharge.
  • Equipped automatic oil pressure discharge system, when being ready hold pressure, system discharge automatically, when working system return to normal status to effectively reduce oil temperature, elongate life of test bench and save energy.