Plug Valve Test Bench for pneumatic and hydraulic tests of Plug Valves with hydraulic clamping and panel mounted test gauges. All water-wetted parts are corrosion-proof.

CONFORMED WITH STANDARD OF TESTS: API 598; DIN EN 12266; ISO 5208; ASME B 16.5; ASTME 1003-05; GOST 5762-2002; GOST 9544-2005.

Plug Valve Testing including: Strength test of valve housing/valve body, trim leakage test, Leakage test of spindle gland, Leakage test of disc and seat interface sealing

Connection: Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Welded, Threaded, Nipple,Special Ended.

Test objects: Plug Valve

Test Media: water / air / nitrogen

Optional Items: Computer Registrations System, Safety Closure

Plug Test Bench Feature:

  • The test preparation time is significantly reduced by using the high-pressure quick-connect hoses.
  • Sealing of tested item is carried out by the hydraulic cylinder.
  • The bench is equipped with replaceable blind flanges for testing non-flanged valves, which releases the operator from welding (lock-pin screwing) of the blind flanges to the pipes and saves up to 30 minutes of their replacement time.
  • All water-wetted parts are corrosion-proof.
  • The bench is equipped with the water-collection tray.